Implementing SRI in Indonesia is our mission!

indosrinet is a place where we are committed to realizing the vision of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) implementation in Indonesia. We believe that SRI is not just an agricultural method, but a mission to change the landscape of rice farming in this country.

IndoSRInet views SRI as an important milestone in creating an agricultural system that is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and capable of improving farmers' welfare. Since the beginning, we have focused our attention and efforts on spreading knowledge about SRI, training farmers, and providing the technical support they need.

We realize that the journey to make SRI a reality in Indonesia is not an easy one. However, we are confident that with hard work, close collaboration, and relentless dedication, we can achieve our common goal of creating positive change in the rice farming sector in Indonesia.

Together, let us commit to making SRI not just a farming method, but a lifestyle for sustainable and efficient agriculture.

IndoSRInet Team

Febri Doni, S.Si., M.Sc., Ph.D


Prof. Dr. Novizar Nazi


Prof. Dr. Norman Uphoff

International Advisor

Prof. Dr. Wan Mohtar Wan Yusoff

International Advisor

Dr. Mia Miranti Rustama, S.Si., M.P.

Senior Advisor

Rizky Riscahya Pratama Syamsuri, S.Si., M.Si

Executive Secretary

Zafira Nurul Fiza, S.K.M.


Dedat Prismantoro


R. Salma N. Azzahra


Viola Sukma Aswanda


Rachma Fauziah


Irvan Satria

Website Developer