Our Mission and Vision


Our missions are to disseminate the knowledge and opportunities of SRI, and to expand SRI involvement among Indonesians as well as to promote other agroecological approaches to be implemented by rice farmers in Indonesia through creating awareness on the importance of SRI ideas and insights for the sustainability of rice ecosystems and livelihoods of communities; imparting skills and techniques related to the implementation of SRI  and associated agroecological innovations; opening  marketing channels for products produced using SRI methods; strengthening the position of  the Indonesian SRI farming community within the larger network of agroecologically-inclined farmers locally and regionally in terms of information and market access; and ensuring the sustainability of beneficial agricultural innovations, seeking to improve farming systems and ecosystems beyond focus on a single crop. Farmers in other countries have begun adapting SRI principles to other crops and integrating them with horticulture, aquaculture and livestock.


We envision the development a more food-secure nation where a majority of rice farmers in Indonesia have adopted SRI and other agroecological approaches for managing their rice farms. We also envision a more informed and environmentally-aware community of farmers who rely on agroecological processes rather than agrochemicals product to maintain soil system fertility and plant health, as well as a more knowledgeable farming community that embraces sustainable and profitable agricultural innovations.